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Keep in mind that Ciscos Internet operating system can choose at any time using the "?" Command. For example, the following is a list of commands used to display the access options: Router # show access-lists? Ma on Tencents vision is "one-stop Internet service providers", and the target is to create Tencent "online community life. " On the one hand, free instant messaging QQ, e-mail, online storage, and community services and other infrastructure applications, gathered popularity, bringing traffic; the other hand, the platform through QQ, enter the information portal, online games, e-commerce, online payment , search and other fields, bring in cash and income, thereby creating a mature business model.
Including Lenovo, Founder, purple and other manufacturers, all of the positive response and implementation of national policy. The upcoming notebook products, Great Wall Group notebook division, also before the official product launch products inspected, and passed the compulsory 3C certification, to enter the market must hold a passport. The product is the Great Wall of censorship in the face of the Great Wall Group to build a new notebook new business users, with a high frequency of the P4-M 2.2GHz processor, equipped with 256 \ 512MB DDR266 memory and 40 \ 60GB high-capacity transmission rates up to 350Mb / s of the new hard drive. This product also uses a very advanced cooling technology - with a liquid circulation in the radiator heat pipe equipped with a ceramic bearing cooling fan, this fan heat, self-lubricating, low noise, life is generally 5 fans 10 times. This special structure of the machine can guarantee the good radiator cooling effect and long use of appointed to ensure the stability of the system for a long time to work.

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