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Part No. : EZ1587CM-3.3
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Manufacturer : Semtech Corporation
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Bump technology can be said that the safety of products is technically international, but the function has been to meet the needs of Chinese users, in other words bump for science and technology development with Chinese characteristics, with localized services products. This high level of product developed by a team with a higher starting point to enter high-profile network security market. For any product is concerned, the market demand is always the benchmark firms, with the increase of network applications, on a higher bandwidth requirements, which means that the firewall should be able to handle very high data rates. In addition, multimedia applications are now becoming more common, it requires the data through the firewall, the delay caused by small enough. ASIC-based wire-speed firewall came into being precisely to meet those needs, but the pure hardware Pieces often lack the programmable ASIC firewalls, which makes its lack of flexibility to keep up with the rapid development of firewall, bump technology SifoWorks bundled firewall is a packet filtering firewall, IPSec VPN products, technology-based self-bump R & D and patented programmable ASIC chips can be achieved in the full load line speed and high-performance security features, but also a very good taking into account the products flexibility.
Samsung Ubigate iBG series of functional modules and the corresponding powerful rich "card", not only to meet current business needs, but also provide businesses with a wide range of application space. For example, FXS-4M card provides four voice VOIP phone jack, T1E1-4 card provides four-level rate of TI or E1 port; the ISM module provides enterprise-class firewall, spam filter for the customers to block hacker attacks, IPS, IDS and other functions. Different with other network products, ISM is an independent processor and memory, so users do not need to reduce the network performance in exchange for information security.

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