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Part No. : EZ1086CM
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Manufacturer : Semtech Corporation
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WX3024 wireless switch on the use of powerful hardware design, multi-threaded multi-core processing chips, both wired and wireless high forwarding performance, while rich in control of the business, but also provides the management of 802.11n products, up to 48 months AP access and 1K wireless users access. WX3024 while providing 24 Gigabit Ethernet wired ports and two Gigabit uplink ports, a product that can provide 88Gbps and 1Gbps wired exchange capacity of wireless switching capacity. To the small and medium-scale wireless networks, not only is a good performance wireless controller, is an ideal switch, so long as the deployment of a product can provide both wired and wireless services.
Dell announced a new low-cost network storage systems Dell / EMC AX100, the easy-to-use design and provides easy and affordable for small businesses and the first working group on SAN solution. Dells products, global marketing director Bruce. ConocoPhillips Dugard said: "The need for scalable SAN or direct attached storage devices, growing institution, Dell / EMC AX100 is an ideal platform for centralized storage. Todays announcement can be said that the watershed storage. Since then, small institutions and companies can also enjoy the storage area network solutions, a huge advantage. " This section a new low-cost storage solutions starting capacity of 480GB, the highest expandable 3TB.Dell | EMC AX100 can be easily installed through the Wizard tool. Dell is designed to make the system extremely easy to install and manage the effective elimination of the corporate sector due to limited IT staff in the implementation of technical obstacles encountered. For example, if the system is connected to the server, Dell Installation Wizard in four simple steps to help customers easily configure the AX100 system.

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