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However, we should see the "full size" of the ring is not perfect, large size CCD with high pixel values, while bringing the two fatally wounded. For semiconductor materials, the integration can enhance the production process to achieve higher, in order to achieve Moores Law "double integration of eighteen months," but the yield rate cut components and dimensions are closely related, so if you want to keep "The whole site," the size, CCD high above the price can only be so "full frame" DSLRs pixels can continue to improve, the price is very difficult to loose the space. On the other hand, CCDs light-sensitive and traditional film structure and very different, so the edge of the CCD, the image quality will be greatly decreased, thereby greatly offset by the "full size" of the high-pixel edge. Meanwhile, the different format of the Canon DSLR product brought back to the lens specifications of the confusion, on the one hand due to product positioning, it is difficult for low-end Canon products supporting the development of professional-level special lens, the other EF-S lenses can not In the full size machine to use. Law of development of the industry has always been, only to win more than half of the market share of vendors support the standard are likely to become the de facto standard, 4 / 3 system highbrow, peril. DSLR prices where the bottom line D70 and 300D 2004, the price of wrestling fully demonstrated the "CN" War is not just "fan" war of words between, E300 is halfway blaze. October 2004, the Nikon, Canons price is even more stunning turns, leaving early shot of color faithful moment regret. But a question is here drop method, DSLR prices where is the bottom line?

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