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CN domain if the promotion is Internet-based platform to compete for dominance, then take the initiative to promote the Chinese Internet is "finished" a major Internet initiative, to ensure the next generation of Internet addresses still hold in our hands. This is a CNNIC years throughout the Main Line. In order to build a comprehensive service system for the Chinese Internet, 2000, CNNIC opening of Chinese domain name, opened in 2001 CNNIC Internet Keyword services. CNNIC, this series of "positive as a" step by step build a "China" based on Internet address resources platform, and to develop international standards for the Chinese Internet. Today, more than 5,000 state organs and institutions up and enable the standard general-purpose Web site and Chinese domain names. General Web site has become a myriad of network marketing tool for SMEs. The rise of the Chinese Internet, network infrastructure platform localized spread, the Internet business model to open up a more broader space for development, and promote the prosperity of Chinas Internet economy and development. This is the real profit with the people.
Hong Kong Broadband Network has been deployed on the other intersection of Juniper Networks M-series multi-service edge router, as the load balancing and redundancy equipment. Juniper M Series is a high-performance multi-service edge routers, with advanced routing capabilities, and features a wealth of connectivity options. This makes the product has excellent flexibility and reliability, enable customers to rapidly deploy new services, but also can save the total cost of ownership. Juniper M Series products are hardware-based, combined with a high expansion, security and reliability of JUNOS software is the way to bring the top service providers IP / MPLS capabilities, enabling them to provide customers with perfect multiple services. ShopEx4.8.4 built-chief of China Union chief statistical functions, without the need to CNZZ up, just click on Free to start using the powerful owners of professional statistics. Access statistics can also be turned on and off at any time, the operation is very simple, just click "Close Statistics" button on it. Results provided: online situation, time analysis, search engine, origin analysis, respondents analysis, visitor information, customer loyalty analysis, movements such as the eight survey results list. Here we look at each of the eight functions described the different uses.

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