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Part No. : ES3880F
Description : Sub-Miniature Toggle Switches (washable)
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Page Number : 3
Manufacturer : DB Lectro Inc
File Size : 180 Kb

ES3880F Article About

As Mitsubishis high-end flagship product, DX545/548 projector with high brightness of 3000 lumens or more, in addition to contrast, sharpness is very high, quiet good, simple, picture and more comfortable to the correction, the advantages of theft of more powerful , but also significantly different from its competitors with a number of important technical features. Central lens design displays excellent Mitsubishi unique optical design capabilities, so that the projector easy to calibrate and easy to install the screen, the surface of the operating button more humane. Long lamp life design, it has a 2 times normal bulb life, reducing lamp replacement frequency, reducing the users cost. Mitsubishis original high image quality and technology "SRGB" and "NCM Natural Color Matrix" provides a vivid, accurate color reproduction, increase image realism to make the picture more vivid, more attractive, while also using the new 3D Gamma Correction correction circuit, making the contrast of outstanding performance.
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