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OA from the earliest to the computerized accounting, financial management software applications, to Call-Center, CRM and even the full introduction of ERP, the IT needs of small and medium enterprises is rapidly deepening, as the core of SME IT financial management software of the natural should also be on demand. In 2006, the domestic IT industry reputation for Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. joint leading vendor of financial software for small and medium UF has introduced a complete solution for information technology-Aisino U3 enterprise management software to "fiscal management integration" of all new ideas, implement internal financial, tax, business processing and seamless integration, financial management software market for SMEs has brought a new wind of technological change. Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. has released a new enterprise management software V10.2 Aisino U3 Edition Plus. Aisino U3 version of enterprise management software V10.2 V10.1 enhanced version of the original foundation, based in nearly a year marketing and customer service process to listen to feedback from the many products and draw on the domestic application of good financial software characteristics, many features were improved, the node splits and other adjustments and module combination to adjust and change.
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