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Part No. : EPF10K20TC144-3N
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Page Number : 138
Manufacturer : Altera Corporation
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Anomaly-based detection technology is a set of systems to define "normal" value of the situation, such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, file verification, and so on, then the value system is running with the definition of "normal" conditions comparison, the signs have been attacked. This detection method is the core of how to define the so-called "normal" situation. Two detection methods, the conclusions are very big differences. Anomaly detection technique based on the core is to maintain a knowledge base. The attack was known, it can be detailed and accurate report of the attack type the report, but has limited effect on the unknown attacks, and the knowledge base must be constantly updated. Anomaly-based detection technology can not accurately determine the way the attack, but it can determine a wider range, not even noticed the attack. If conditions allow, a combination of testing will achieve better results. Although there are many commercial products, and technologies such as firewall, compared to highly sophisticated products, intrusion detection systems are still a lot of problems. In this chapter we have to discuss the main factors threatening them, it is worth noting that most of these problems is the structure of the intrusion detection system difficult to overcome, and these conflicts may become increasingly acute.
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