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Part No. : EPF10K200SFC672-1
Description : Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
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Latest from AMD desktop chipset release date draws near, a strong Taiwan-based first-tier motherboard manufacturers have to show in front of consumers related products. According to the motherboard channel was informed that the elite will be the first to introduce chips based on AMD RX 780 RX780M-A motherboard design, the estimated price of 699 yuan. Elite RX780M-A ADM RX780/SB600 motherboard chipset designed to support AM2 + Phenom series processors architecture, while supporting HT3.0 bus specification. Processor integrated DDR2 1066 memory controller, the motherboard provides four DIMM slots. Available PCI-E bus graphics slot. Onboard network interface. Elite RX780M-A four-phase power supply circuit board design, with closed Sanyo filter inductor and capacitor. Elite RX780M-A PCI-E bus motherboards graphics slot, two PCI-E X1 slot and three traditional PCI. Elite RX780M-A motherboard provides four DIMM slots, supports DDR2 1066 memory specifications. Elite RX780M-A motherboard with the SB600 South Bridge chip, provides four SATA interfaces. Elite RX780M-A motherboard provides six USB interface. Onboard network and integrated sound card interface.

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