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Part No. : EP610DI-30
Description : UV-Erasable/OTP PLD
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It is undeniable: the Olympic venues safe and smooth the underlying network is the first object in need of protection. In this regard, we have to worry about, because China Netcom have all the Olympic venues in Beijing to achieve the "all-optical network coverage." Mr. Zhang said, according to general manager of China Netcom, China Netcom in the Olympic stadium, which has been all kinds of cables laying a total of nearly 200 km; all kinds of cables laying nearly 100 km, as at present, including the National Stadium, National Stadium, National Swimming Center 31, including the Beijing Olympic Games venues and more than 10 non-event venues, construction of communication infrastructure has been completed, with the ability to provide services. Communication facilities, most of which have passed the "Good Luck Beijing" series of test events.
Air user groups can be said is now the most widely used cooling equipment, compared to other cooling equipment, air cooling effect is the worst the worst may be why it is used the most it. First, the easy to install, most of the graphics card heat does not need our original entry, even if it requires disassembly, it is only a few card-bit only, installation is extremely simple and convenient. Second, low cost, air-cooled heat sink video card is generally between 10 to 200, usually around 300 yuan can be the effect of the top of the radiator. Third, stable operation can be a long time. General good point of the motor, life expectancy of up 1w hours, so doing, if it is normal there are more than 5 years of life. Unlike liquid nitrogen ice, and ran half a day has been very great things.

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