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Part No. : EP600IDC-55
Description : UV-Erasable/OTP PLD
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Bennett said: "We do not print many alternative labels, as we carry out field visits, he had found many quality labels, but for us, this is not the problem. We decided to standardize the specification according to Zebra, because they produce excellent of industrial printers able to fully adapt to our environment. in the RFID field they have a leading position, it is very important. " Zebra printer / encoders to verify that they print the smart tag is readable and has been properly encoded. If you can not encode an RFID inlay, label printing in a big "VOID", and can automatically generate alternative labels. Mid-South Marking take full advantage of the programmable R110Xi ZPL printer command language to create PortalTrack application to monitor the printer / encoder activities and to collect statistical data on the application and the generation of good, bad tag number.

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