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Part No. : EP3C10F256C8N
Description : EP300 PowerPC Bus Arbiter
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : ETC
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After installation, NEC e-Border Client Windows family of operating systems in the "Start Menu" "Programs" item to add NEC e-Border Client Group, and in the Windows startup list, joined s5credmgr.exe file. When Windows starts, will be automatically transferred to s5credmgr.exe file to start the NEC e-Border Client. Users can run msconfig.exe in the "System Configuration Utility" window "start" tab to find the file. In the NEC e-Border Client starts, all network requests are NEC e-Border Client intercepted and converted a pair of Socks proxy specified in the request. IE, FoxMail, CuteFTP, ICQ, Netants and all other network tools can be used directly, without any proxy server settings. Especially such as FoxMail original web-based tools can not use a proxy, you can also use Socks proxy. Some of the previous users of the Internet through the LAN only through the Web way to send and receive Email, now you can easily use the powerful Outlook, FoxMail, The Bat! Other mail client software to send and receive letters of. If you need to view and modify the NEC e-Border Clients settings, you can "Start" ] "Program" ] "NEC e-Border Client" ] "e-Border Client" to call the NEC e-Border Client setup program Client.exe . If you are using the evaluation version, first prompted up window, indicating that the assessment of a few days time. If you have already registered and get a full version of the serial number, you can click on the window "Register ..." button in the pop-up "e-Border Client License" window, enter the serial number, then click "OK" will be completed by the evaluation version to the official version of the conversion. After this prompt will not appear on the registration window, there is no time limit 30 days. If you continue to try the software, click the "Evaluate" button, enter the e-Border Clients Properties window. This window normally contains the "General", "Proxy", "Applications", "DNS", "Diagnostics" tab of this 5. If you use the Socks5 proxy server requires authentication, the user must "General" tab, select "Requires authenticate" option button, then the window will automatically add a "Credential" tab. Users can "Credential" tab, fill in your Socks proxy account and password. In the e-Border Client License under the Properties window, you can e-Border Client to view the settings and modify. Set the modification method and the installation using the "Setup Wizard" approach much the same, the user can tab through these are the settings to view and modify specific information. Network applications within the network is a major component of its security has been more and more attention. According to incomplete statistics, within the foreign network in the building, the investment of 15% is used to enhance network security within the network. IT market in China, the security vendor maintained strong growth momentum. Security, including network operators, the investment ratio of more than foreign, but still maintained a sustained growth. To improve the security of the network, you can use many ways, this article will do some of this.
This action is very important, although in recent years Microsoft has been lured away from the main rival a lot of market share, Lotus Notes, but they also face, such as Google Web-based services such strong competition. Microsoft said there have been institutions from 1500, 3.5 million staff / students in the test the next version of Exchange. One of the features include an updated version of the Web client, Outlook Live. Outlook Web Access with the current difference is, the new version to support management of decentralized organizations, the establishment of rules, view other e-mail account, and generally only the desktop client for Outlook can do.

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