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Part No. : EP310DC-2
Description : UV-Erasable/OTP PLD
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In terms of current market conditions, according to surveys, 55% of U.S. companies now are planning to purchase within the network access control solutions, while 11% said they have not considered good. In large enterprises interviewed, 80% of all pledged to deploy NAC in the enterprise network solution, 51% said they would deploy the client as NAC. In addition, those who plan to deploy NAC by 2008 companies, 32% have deployed NAC. Compliance with regulatory requirements for the strategy and the demand is still encourage enterprises to deploy NAC, the main driving force. NAC market demand is obvious. Of course, some respondents have NAC solutions in practice. According to the practitioners and potential practitioners of the investigation and found that the application characteristics of these enterprises and business development at different stages, check the specific requirements are different. Some companies will check for endpoint applications and operating system patch updates, check the firewall, antivirus and antispyware software exists and check the USB interface device and the confidentiality of the password.
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