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Part No. : EP2S60F672C5N
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If you want to see a more detailed case of virus protection, but also the left navigation bar click the "Report" button, the contents of the right window, select the appropriate sorting method and time, and click the "Generate Report" button, which the virus will be generated when the statistics report, if the need for the report, simply click the lower part of the "Download raw data" link to download the report to the local and save. For the client. Although not excessive interventions. But can also carry out some simple operations. For example, in the need to manually scan the local computer. Can double-click the taskbar system tray Norton Antivirus client anti-virus shield icon to open the NOrton Antivirus anti-virus client main window, the tree in the main window on the left navigation bar, double-click the "Scan" list, and expand it, and then select one of the "Scan Computer" entry. Next, the contents in the right window, select the content to be scanned. Also, you can manually remove and isolate its other operations.
GALAXY 8500GTE specter of graphics card power, the card uses separate power supply design, with a number of pieces of high quality solid capacitors plus NICHICON Sanyo OSCON electrolytic capacitors and inductors closed. And the output interfaces also used with a metal shield against electromagnetic radiation, the high cost of black nickel-plated DVI port, can increase the stability of the quality of the video output card, and not by external electromagnetic radiation interference and graphics power demand. GALAXY 8500GTE 1.4NS specter of a modern graphics card with GDDR3 memory particles, 4 all the design on the front and memory capacity of 256MB, memory interface is 128bit, the default frequency of 600/1400MHz, significantly beyond the standard NV The 560/800MHz standards. GALAXY provided in the official test scores, we see this card in 3DMark06 test, scoring cards close to 3000 points by default: close to the level of the current 7900GS. Overclocked to 760MHZ1740MHZ in after reaching 3700 points, is close to 8600GT performance.

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