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Back home, although we still in a relatively weak state, but this land of China media and entertainment in the spring just arrived. Even though the average growth rate to maintain the industry, such as annual growth of 20% -30%, we may also become a large company, because we believe that eventually the Chinese people need our own spiritual food rather than eating food imports. Our competitors from the perspective of private companies, they still weaker than we, even though some companies in the film, television, talent management and other fields have a leading position, but their foundation is not solid, it has not really form a good corporate culture and a strong brand, we still have a chance in several main areas to be the market leader; and our state-owned competitors, although the use of their monopoly rights given by the State holds the channels and other important resources, but with the Internet, etc. the rise of new channels, the channel between the competition is intensified, channel the excess is taking shape, the contents of the shortage, especially the shortage of high-quality branded content is a common fact. These state-owned institutions and mechanisms for institutional tied behind their hands and feet, making them difficult to become a great company in the future.
As a business model in the end, Lenovo TDM500 with the above series of excellent performance. Currently on the market, similar projector is high, many business people want to buy discouraged, while the price of Lenovo 9999 TDM500 only to the business people to buy more space, but also similar products to Lenovo by beating a mind killer. With the projector era, projectors are among the major companies into the new generation of the same quality of Lenovo Lenovo projector TDM500 marked the beginning a major push into new blueprint Colorful business projector, but also will further speed up the domestic market never projector Preface to the healthy and orderly development process, giving business users to bring more surprises! Last two years, the home projector market momentum is very rapid, many main projector brands have launched a full range of 720p to 1080p home projector specifications. Panasonic, for example, recently introduced a new Panasonic PT-A200 series of home projectors. One silver PT-AX200 is designed for gamers, and the black 1080p Panasonic PT-AE2000E specifications are mainly for the demanding requirements of high-end image quality with consumer groups.

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