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IPv6 and IPv4 are two completely different network protocol, since the current IPV4 will be replaced by IPv6, and that advantage in the end it where? First of all, IPv6 address with a large capacity. IPv6 addresses use 128-bit length, the current 32-bit IPV4 address, the IP address of the increase in mass can be used simply to describe. IPV4 address can only provide 2 addresses the 32 th , but also to remove some private address, and the reserved addresses, the actual number available be less than this. and IPv6 addresses can provide a maximum power of 2, 128 addresses, no matter what the future network devices join the network can allocate sufficient address. This is the biggest advantage of IPv6, of course, relative to the IPV4, IPv6 Qos also has better support for the IPv6 header has a more streamlined, easy to network devices on the IPv6 packet processing, and provide support for convection, and higher security and so on. The current form of address used in IPV4 dotted decimal form is, that the next generation of IPv6 addresses how to express it? 4 times the length of the IPv6 addresses in IPv4 addresses, so it can express more complex than the IPV4 address. IPv6 addresses basic expression is X: X: X: X: X: X: X: X, where X is a 4 hexadecimal integer. Each figure contains four, each containing 4 integer numbers, each address includes eight integers, a total of 128 bits. For example, the following are some valid IPv6 address:
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