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Part No. : EP2C20F256C7N
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With the government online, the Customs Internet, e-commerce, the rapid development of a range of network applications, Internet is gradually integrated into all aspects of society. On the one hand, Internet users increasingly diverse composition, for various purposes of network intrusion and attacks becoming more frequent; the other hand, more and more deeply penetrate the network to the financial, business, the key to vital areas of national defense, etc. . In other words, Internet network security, including its information services, data security and safe operation of network equipment, increasingly with the state, government, business interests of solidarity of the "big thing." Security capabilities of the new century a countrys comprehensive national strength, economic strength and viability of competition in an important part. No exaggeration to say that it is entirely possible the next century, a country with nuclear weapons on the importance of par. This issue is resolved well, will endanger our full range of political, military, economic, cultural and social life in all aspects of information warfare and the country was in a high threat of economic and financial risks. In the government network, internal network has a large number of highly confidential data and information, network security is in the first place. If network security is not assured, it will be to the state, society and the serious threat to Internet users, may result in political, economic and other aspects of the huge losses. In the Government continue to implement information technology, efficient and convenient, while security has become urgent problem.
GALAXY 8500GTE specter of graphics card overclocking using the heat radiating fins more than three active cooling fan, the fan has low noise, heat strong. Ensure the card in the high frequency of stable operation. GALAXY 8500GTE specter of graphics card interfaces, this card uses a common VGA + DVI + S-VIDIO combination of the interface card was used was dark gray, according to the official information on Galaxy, using this card with hardware metal shield of the interface can effectively shield electromagnetic interference, more vivid and moving picture output, video output to meet higher demands. And the baffle and the shield shell is coated with a layer of metal "nickel", antioxidant and anti-jamming capability is particularly outstanding.

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