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Part No. : EP20K400BC652-1XV
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 24 Kb

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In J2ME, the deal sounds need to use Mobile Media API, the package is an optional package MIDP1.0, MIDP2.0 has been included in this package. So if you are using MIDP1.0, please make sure your operating environment is supported. General phone supports voice file format wav, mid, and mpg and so on. For details, please check your phone documentation. In audio processing, there are many ways to handle, said here about the most common situation, play wav files in the JAR file. The process of playing sound files: Play sound files in the JAR file is usually the sound files into stream. Sample code: InputStream is = this.getClass.getResourceAsStream; which Autorun.wav file is located in the root directory of JAR files, if located in another directory, you need to add the directory name, such as / res / Autorun.wav. The flow of information to the player, according to a certain player to decode the format operation, the sample code:
Alex clarified in the blog, the existing policy: If the "Windows Genuine Advantage" servers to crash, all users are automatically authenticated, but in the accident, because the server does not crash, so it does not apply a policy. Michael this some doubts, he said, since there is such a policy, Microsoft, and solving problems in the diagnosis of why not shut down the server, so that legitimate users successfully authenticated. The problem is there from the start on Friday evening, and continued until the last Saturday afternoon. During this period, a number of legitimate users so there is no validation, so that they can not be used, including Windows Aero, Windows ReadyBoost features, including, as well as Windows Defender and Windows Update in some of the features. The affected corner of the screen the user will see the following message: This Windows copy is not genuine.

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