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Part No. : EP20K200EBC356-1
Description : FPGA
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Intel released the ATX12V 2.3 version of the power specification. Day, HuntKey also simultaneously released version 2.3 of the domestic power supply first - rock 315. The power supply for mainstream users to customize, 270W rated power, the advanced second-generation rock-solid technology, a listing by many consumers. HuntKey as a leader in power industry, a move also awakened many IT companies have launched version 2.3 power supply. Recently, version 2.3 HuntKey vigorously promote universal power supply. Devaluation of 2.3 out of power, "Rock 315" to drop nearly 30 per promotion, This is never in terms of lower prices of HuntKey undoubtedly a power the largest profit sharing. Intel ATX12V 2.3 version is Intel graphics cards to meet the vista of high-power increase, while the status of the processor power consumption while reducing the release of new specifications, including the following major application level is 300W Single +12 V.

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