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Wireless Internet access is divided into two types of wireless routers and other wireless nodes connect to the Internet; another is to move with China Unicom or CDMA, GPRS and EDGE wireless Internet access, the former means of access has distance limitations general indoor only a distance of about 100 meters to get a better signal, the Internet faster, especially after the promulgation of IEEE 802.11n standard, new standards-based wireless Internet connection speed can make the theory of products to 300Mbps, the latter approach is basically no distance limitations, as long as you work in a mobile phone network coverage of Unicoms wireless Internet access can be achieved anywhere, but due to technical limitations, mobile GPRS-based wireless slow Internet access or can only meet the ordinary communication needs, China Unicom CDMA will have to be better, but still limited by the speed is not ideal, most recently the newly developed EDGE can achieve a more satisfactory results, but just because of its long development, the corresponding network is not perfect, and the corresponding higher cost, there are certain restrictions.
Azure cloud operating system up to the November of this years Microsoft Professional Developers Conference will be officially launched, but the company said a senior director told the site, the price plan will be held this week in New Orleans announced a global partnership in the General Assembly . Microsoft is in last years Professional Developers Conference, published in the product and free technical preview release. If alone, the amount of billing, operational fee of 12 cents per hour, per GB storage space asking price of 15 cents per million additional storage implementation. For network bandwidth, Microsoft charges per GB in the 10 to 15 cents. Regularly contracted discount program, also known as "development accelerator," in two forms, namely, half of the amount by the amount of billing and Qizhe eight. Users must use at least 6 months, during which will be beyond the normal standard usage charges. After 6 months, all will be restored using the standard Azure rates. Microsoft has announced the pricing of its SQL Azure database. Basic network version, including the $ 9.99 maximum 1GB of relational database, and charges $ 99.99, up to 10GB of the commercial version of the database. Microsoft said the company may undertake to 99.95% of the operation and connection reliability, and 99.9% of the level of competence and storage. But Ray Ozzie said, companies are willing to choose to host their applications, trust will be the ultimate factor.

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