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4, the mobile phone is the first media! Understanding of user behavior to determine the design of a media business model, business model, can go far. Do you see a traditional media, have already done the understanding and courage? Yes, it is difficult. Strong sense of crisis, but also try to do websites, newspapers, electronic, mobile newspapers, television stations also have video websites on the transmission program, but because all of the investment put into the phone up, whether institutional, commercial considerations for traditional media in China , the difficulty is too great. Therefore, and new media technology platform company to cooperate as to understand the new technology, an important step in the brand communication, like a lot of media and collaboration portal as 3G.
Below we will focus on seven virtual world respond to the challenges of the new management company. Products: V-Commander VM software provides centralized policy-based management. The VM software can be tracked throughout the entire life cycle of each VM, the relevant access, authorization and end of life of specific strategies to establish contact with each VM. Why concern: Ptak, Noel Associates founder, said Rich Ptak, principal analyst: "Embotics addressed from a broad, large-scale management of VM issues perspective, covering inventory, use, management of resources, applications and the VM life Application of the policy cycle. "

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