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Tissot TS20000 is the wave of high-performance IA architecture into the field of "killer", the IDF as a "guest" of the TS20000 calculation module with 16 nodes in 64 Intel Itanium 2 processors and can scale according to user application requirements and easily extended to 256 nodes 1024 processor; switching module is the most advanced areas of using InfiniBand server switching technology, the connection is more simple, less delay, greater bandwidth, greater connectivity with each other, greatly increasing the server performance, reliability and scalability, to effectively solve the traditional PCI I / O structure of the communication bottlenecks, the massive computing, mass storage and mass storage ease and connected as a whole; storage module to store the products based on the wave of NetStorage to Fibre Channel as the connection medium to form a complete SAN network, and exchange module, the combination calculation module for calculating mass and mass communication provides a data access "efficient storage." Ethernet switches and high-speed switching module connected to the wave of Tissot TS20000 integrate with other computer applications for large enterprises, research institutions, business intelligence, database, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, high performance computing, computer aided engineering and industry-leading security transactions powerful performance.

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