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It is under this goal, APC and vigorously promote the regional distribution platform at the same time, will tend to focus on the development of channel strategy and support the terminal agents. APC agents into the terminal end of key industries and regional terminal agents agency at two levels. Agent of key industries, APC from the industry in agency certification, given its focus on support and protection, including incentives, marketing support and product technology, sales skills training, while also holding the terminal channel-related activities. APC by expanding various forms of market activity, both for users or channel partners are very positive. On market trends and their problems and challenges faced by full and detailed statement, making them more understanding of current circumstances.
Army tent, Source: IT network of experts, Editor: Zhang Yan Jun ,2008-05-04 17:24 This article describes the network of broadband users in the case of shared dial-up, IP address will be mutated, then brought by the network barrier will form a useful reference solutions. Recently the author in his new house decorated for installation of broadband telecommunications access, the beginning of the month is exclusive ADSL broadband Internet access, but then I heard several neighbors have Internet access, together with their Internet access charges would also like to save a little, So to them a whole to share their applications with the ADSL broadband Internet access. Since I installed broadband at the time donated by the local telecommunications sector, ADSL device does not support the routing function, a last resort we purchased eight additional switches, and then use the ordinary twisted-pair ADSL equipment will be purchased with the new switching equipment connected to a few computers for the neighbors all through the twisted pair cable connected to the eight switches.

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