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At the meeting, General Manager of Products Sand superior products submitted for assessment on the systems introduction: the characteristics of products, research and development process, market positioning and advantages of the previous generation and comparison, and future sections of the product in their respective areas of application prospects . Person in charge of the project model and the background task, task completion, the project test case, trial production, and risk assessment, and other aspects of the follow-up report, with emphasis on product testing and trial production problems encountered in the process Jiejue case-by-analysis report. After reporting, all the leaders and experts attending the focus from testing the effectiveness of the treatment follow-up questions, product switching time in such areas as the lively discussion.
In the communications industry, SAS, Tianjin Unicom to rely on data mining and analysis techniques, the depth information and data mining companies to develop more sophisticated marketing strategy to retain highly profitable customers, develop a more targeted new business, improving enterprises integrated decision-making ability, and ultimately to find new business opportunities, gain competitive advantage. China Customs Enforcement Evaluation System with SAS audit, tax evasion, easy to find hidden risk management, and guidance for local authorities to combat smuggling. China Customs Statistics Department Director Zhang Lichuan, said: "In the deployment of SAS-based EAS systems, we use your single source to handle a lot of hidden information can not be accurately grasp. After two years in the use of EAS systems, we found Many hidden risk management, pay the tariffs the following year up to 2000 million "

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