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Over the years, there has been a problem this way, but as technology improves and the diversity of data sources, in many privacy advocates view the problem has been developed to a turning point. Jennifer noted that last fall, Center for Digital Democracy to the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint, called to resolve user files, data acquisition, targeted advertising on the privacy threat. Second, in Beijing, "wireless city" projects a total of nearly 20 WiMAX base stations, all located in the Xuanwu Chun tree, is applied as the industry came back to use, and wireless city Mesh Wi-Fi network is actually two Zhang networks. The Beijing "wireless city" project in the Mesh used in the wireless equipment provider is Adelia AP Technology Co., Ltd., WiMAX equipment provided by Alcatel.
As vendors focus on the servers, the wave has been "market-oriented innovation as a means of technology to support the application backed" research and development philosophy, and a deep understanding that only the full understanding of the needs of users, through the application of innovation to meet market , the value of technological innovation of enterprises can be reflected. With the application server products increased popularity in all walks of life, users of server products can be managed more demanding and expect the wave of introduction of the Blue Dolphins Falcons management software and smart navigation software that is an effective solution to users of intelligent management needs. From the wave of recent years in the financial, telecommunications, taxation, education, government, transportation and other critical applications a large number of cases, we have to acknowledge the fact: technological innovation + application of innovation, in order to win more market wave of respect .

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