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Part No. : EP1S25F672C6N
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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Also this fan service life of 40,000 hours minimum, 35mm high, "hurricane blade" fan, designed for quiet, fan with 2200 + / -10% RPM rotational speed, so exceptionally quiet operation. Heat sink using a thermal efficiency of aluminum material, in order to achieve good thermal performance. Heat was the side with cool original base of 10 slots cut duct design, air flow when the fan running when the air duct through the incision can heat the surrounding components to make the system run more stable. Editor Comments: This radiator cooling effect and quietness are ideal, but also more distinctive exterior design, 68 yuan offer worth the average user to consider the recent Zanji. Not long ago, I gave you before a red fire SanDisk 1GB SD card, the product with new and unique look, by many users. Today I learned from the dealer again: SanDisk 2GB SD Card Fire Red version is now a large number of arrival, the price was only 130 yuan.

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