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Last week, Sun announced the strengthening of its Solaris operating system support for x86 hardware; in late July, Sun released in its low-cost computing strategy, launched two server hardware based on x86 architecture ... ... the other hand, other major server vendors: Hewlett-Packard has already announced that its server products will eventually be transferred to the IA-up; IBM also put on its server product line eServer series of four brothers, do a hands ready, at any time based on market change adjustment; Dell, Lenovo, Founder, Prudential, and so a series of international and domestic manufacturers, it is from birth just like IA-I, Love forged. The Unix camp is also the most steadfast Sun began to waver, is not that, Unix server is about to insist not, and will be one-sided surrender it to the IA server?
National Leading Group for Information Work Office / Information Center of the State Economic and Trade Commission, director of economic power of Chinas accession to WTO Liu has changed from the time the future now, and this will accelerate our participation in economic globalization and international competition in such a trends and changes, which also makes us more directly in the face of international and domestic competition, to face the reality of the challenges and potential opportunities, particularly our traditional business. Advance in the study and implementation of enterprise information using information technology to stimulate industrialization strategy, we should how to manipulate:

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