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class MyTimerTask extends TimerTask {public void run {if}}} the field is currently developing a variety of Java integrated development environment, showing a flourishing situation, from Borlands JBuilder, to IBMs Visual Age for Java, WebSphere Studio, Oracles JDeveloper, Sun The Forte for Java, WebGains Visual Cafe, TogetherSofts Together, there is the open source Eclipse, NetBeans, etc., more than 10 kinds of species. So many types of Java development tools, IDE and prosperity of the family, but also the choice for developers proposed problem. The development environment IDE has a large difference in the development of a project development environment can not be easily transplanted to another development environment, which requires more careful selection of development tools for the project objectives. All in the current IDE, Eclipse can be said to be the most promising products. OTI Eclipse and IBM initially by the two companies create a IDE product development group, began in April 1999. IBM provided the initial Eclipse code base, including the Platform, JDT and PDE. IBM currently lead around the Eclipse project has been developed into a huge Eclipse Union, more than 150 software companies involved in the Eclipse project, including Borland, Rational Software, Red Hat and Sybase, Oracle also plans to join the recent Eclipse Union. Basic concepts before learning to use Eclipse, it is necessary to do on this project the term explanation. Eclipse is an open source software development projects, focusing on the development of highly integrated tools provide a fully functional, with a commercial-quality industry platform. It is the Eclipse project, Eclipse Tools Project and Eclipse technology project composed of three projects, each project is a project management committee to monitor, by its Project Charter management. Each sub-project by its own composition, and use the Common Public License Version 1.0 License Agreement. Eclipse Tools Project for the construction of different tools to provide a focus for the Eclipse Platform in order to ensure the best tool to create. Eclipse Tools Project for the Eclipse Platforms mission is to foster the creation of a wide range of tools. Tools Project to provide a single point of contact to reconcile the open source tool builders, so that the coverage and minimize duplication and ensure a shared and common components to maximize the creation of different types of tools to promote seamless interoperability. Tools Project Committee by the tool developer and tool projects proposed project management committee, selection and development of the sub-components. Eclipse Technology Projects mission is to open source developers, researchers, colleges and educators to provide a new channel to participate in the future evolution of Eclipse. It is in accordance with the research, training and education, three projects flow to organizations, research projects in related areas such as the Eclipse programming languages, too Listing 2 shows the MyCanvas class, which contains all the graphics application logic. init method is responsible for the creation of nodes, load the texture file and set the texture, appearance and background can be set together. method is responsible for coloring paint and rotate the cube. Figure 1 shows a simulator is the actual program running. import javax.microedition.lcdui .*; import javax.microedition.m3g .*; public class MyCanvas extends Canvas {
In an interview, Gates, Mongolia on behalf of, Ozzie is that Microsoft is quickly available to PC users new Internet services. Centralized data storage allows PC users to use all the different types of computers to access their most or all of the information, whether desktop, laptop, or desktop machine, and regardless of where they are. In the interim, Gates will remain closely involved in the development of Microsofts search strategy. He denied the view of Silicon Valley that Microsoft started to suffer from the IBM has suffered a "middle-aged disease." Gates pointed out two reasons that IBM is no longer the center of the computer industry. First of all, the center of the industry has turned to personal computing.

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