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It is worth noting, APC UPS launched new products with the original award-winning Smart-UPS series standards, using intuitive and customizable LCD operator interface, with local and remote configuration capabilities, power status display accurate information, diagnostic procedures, Detection and activity event log. In addition, APC Smart-UPS specifically designed with advanced power management features to alert the user when to replace the battery. Applications of this technology can be adjusted on the battery, thereby extending battery life and reduce IT management operation and maintenance costs.
Through virtual technology can be dynamic and flexible deployment of resources to meet changing business needs, while storage characteristics of the isolation and classification of data and services to achieve secure access. Also according to different products without changing the configuration of physical resources to adjust the scale of circumstances. Enterprises to adopt virtualization technology in small units the allocation of resources, there is no hardware and operating system problems, can occur quickly after a crash data system to recover. For scalability, virtual storage solutions that simplify even more resource allocation and adjustment, while the virtual storage technology will eventually bring real benefits for the user. In the virtual storage technology to solve all the problems, the infrastructure of the enterprise is expected to achieve unprecedented reasonable control. The technology will meet the system "continuous operation" and to maintain growth in demand, help to simplify and optimize the network storage management, improve overall flexibility, more appropriate in todays highly complex environment. According to Microsoft said, Windows Server 2008, although not desktop operating system, but as a desktop system if used correctly, its speed is faster than Vista, 20%, and to retain most of its functions. Microsoft Windows Workstation 2008 is not the sale of products, which is a replica of Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Workstation 2008 for developers is a good product, which includes IIS and Hyper-V, can create a virtual device.

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