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Anonymous, Source: Communication World, Editor: Zhang Yan Jun ,2008-06-05 00:10 This is an era of integration, the industry leader in the industry to convey a message: "Mobile + Internet" era is coming. On the one hand, move to the Internet Nokias high-profile transition; Apple surely unique in the world staged a legendary iPhone; Internet giant Google has frequently expressed its concern on the telecommunications ... ... On the other hand, 3G standards established in the world; 4G has become a hot discussion ; mobile operators an alternative is a general trend ... ... Throughout 2008, Chinas telecommunications industry - 3G full deployment is also just around the corner, full-service provider, in contrast, the industrial structure and competition pattern of eye-catching; At the same time, Chinas mobile Internet users are in rapid growth among mobile phone users access the Internet using the ratio is also rising.
General PRO-25 Samsung Gold Mobile carton with hard drives is very beautiful. In the packaging "EASYFUN" icon represents is advocated by Samsung HDD simple and stylish. General PRO-25 Samsung Gold Mobile Hard sleek slim body makes sense vividly fingertips, piano paint shell exquisite workmanship, in addition, rich colors are brilliant and attractive. This product not only looks beautiful, inside the same superior quality: advanced GMR head technology, with the liquid bearing motor, to the reliability of hard disk data protection; 8MB cache and 5400RPM large-capacity high-speed, greatly enhance the data transfer speed.

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