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Data from the TOM Group, while TOM Online since March 2004 since the IPO has become a leading wireless value-added services, one of its wireless value-added services, the company has accounted for more than 90% of total revenue. However, because China Mobile launched a series of related policies, especially last year on July 7 launch of the second confirmation, the first month of service free of charge and other policies, has affected the short-term business prospects of TOM Online. As In addition, AMD and the dawn of this year were in the server field, and Hewlett-Packard, purple and other areas in the desktop PC, and Digital channels in the CPU field a number of cooperation and jointly explore the domestic market. Intel Asia Pacific Vice President and Regional Manager Gerry Greeve said Friday that sales of the next 5 years developing the computer will have tremendous growth, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region is staggering.
Extend the maturity of the supply chain: the development of internal supply chain and cross for the whole industry supply chain. After joining WTO, China has become a part of the international market, competition in the domestic business environment has become an international competition, the enterprises core competitiveness of the enterprise re-chase, the pursuit of joint upstream and downstream industries and enterprises, create a close business relationship, linked to economic interests, sharing of regional resources, the overall strengths of the supply chain to adapt to the competitive international environment, and enhance market competitiveness. At this point the supply chain from the narrow concept of business processes within the enterprise expanded to a broad industry-wide supply chain and cross-industry supply chain.

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