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MPLS also known as multi-protocol label switching, which originated in IP routing and label switching technologies. MPLS edge routers in the network entry packet for each label with a fixed length, the core router based on the value tag into the header label switching, making local forwarding decisions, re-export of the edge router to restore the original IP packet. Right to use MPLS tags, you can search based on a fixed-length label the destination address, and the speed is much faster than IP routing and switching. In addition, the general edge router IP address can not only correspond to a fixed network, data packets can be further detected in more upper, including the fourth layer or application layer, so that it can determine the properties of the application packet, so by business classification as possible, so that some of the important data can enjoy the most appropriate route, unlike the IP exchange to select only the shortest route, regardless of whether the routing congestion.
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