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Full SRP: Secure Remote Password, it is an open source authentication protocol. Using the SRP client / server is not on the network in clear text or encrypted password is sent, so the password can completely eliminate cheating. Ensure that passwords can be securely transmitted in the network above. The basic idea is to prevent any passive or active network intruders using a dictionary attack. Standford University, Department of Computer SRP package was developed to provide encryption-based password authentication and session security mechanisms, without requiring the user or network involved in key management or distribution. SRP for each individual to provide transparent password security, but no other expensive initial costs, such as to prevent the use of other security suite software, and so on. Unlike other security software, SRP Suite is a complete software package to implement password authentication, not a temporary solution. And the standard / etc / shadow-style better to be safe, SRP is in every respect better. Users and administrators using the SRP has the following benefits:
Zheng Zhongyuan, said: Software vulnerabilities are inevitable, even more important is to look at harmful levels of vulnerability, patch time. According to Symantecs report, the 39 flaws in Windows, of which about one-third are "high risk" level; in the 208 Red Hat Linux, defect, only two are "highly dangerous" level; in Mac OS X is only a defect in high risk level. For a long time this patch is released, Zheng Zhongyuan, said: For the serious level of vulnerability, of course, need to patch in a very short period of time, otherwise it will cause serious harm; and for those who do not affect business-critical defects, no patch is released more so urgent. Wang Xu, product manager, said Red Flag: Linux most of the defects found by the developer, and open-source Windows because they do not, most professional hacking tools used by hackers attacked, once cracked, Microsofts professionals need to repair.

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