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Part No. : EP1M120F484C6
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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BUY distribution network abroad, the first leaked recently SanDisks new video player, model SDTX1N-8096K-A70. The player with what we call traditional MP4 players and other very different, it did not take the display, video playback can not be itself, it is mainly transmitted from the intermediary role. SanDisk has introduced the SDTX1N-8096K-A70 video player can be the PC, or online video download, and then through the data line can be connected to a TV for playback. SanDisk TakeTV series players support DivX, xVid, MPEG-4 and other kinds, through the USB data cable can be connected to the computer to support Windows vistaand Windows XP operating system, other data lines can be connected to the computer. The launch of the SDTX1N-8096K-A70 player capacity of 8GB.

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