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15, using some of the host intrusion security vulnerabilities, such as: Sendmail, Imapd, Pop3d, DNS and other procedures, often find security holes, which are not eager for the invasion of the host repair system vulnerabilities is fairly easy to succeed IMON information node monitoring module, which is part of the core file to change when it is informed by the FAM. FAM told by the application or file on a directory to monitor, FAM and then send the request to the IMON. When these documents are being monitored changes, the core notice IMON, then IMON notice FAM, the final notification by the FAM is responsible for monitoring the application of this document.
Analysts said Dells move to Windows Vista in terms of not good news. IDC analyst Richard said, Vista can cause some consumer interest. In the first release, Vista sales look good, but this may in part from the end of last year, pushing Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Thursday, with the keyboard so that in the speech recognition software, technology will get better. Gates attended the Intel Developer Forum participants said: "I have often been asked, whether the technology revolution is coming to an end? Chip and software upgrade will start slowing down? The answer is that in the next ten years, we do not see any restrictions on the development of scientific and technological revolution there. In fact, we see the power of technology will become better and better. " Gates predicted that the future of textbooks students may be replaced by personal tablet PC, it will be cheap, multimedia, can be connected to the Internet. Bandwidth, the system does not limit the development of the connection. The new wireless will allow us to further rural areas. TV will become a full network. He said: "We see that TV is moving towards the Internet, because we have enough bandwidth, the bandwidth is now not only meet the normal video, but also to support the film and business meetings of any kind of video type. On the Internet for , this is something new. "

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