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Part No. : EP1K50QC208-3N
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Core Microarchitecture is the NetBurst architectures demise. NetBurst architecture focused on improving the clock frequency, but it requires a lot of power, Intel has been forced to give up the NetBurst chip clock frequency up to 4GHz plan. Illuminata analyst Gordon Haff said, given the sales volume, we can not say that Pentium 4 is a failure, but it is bound to be a dead end. Intel plans to launch later this year, three-chip architecture based on Core Microarchitecture: desktop with the chip Conroe, notebook computer chip Merom, the server with the chip Woodcrest. Justin describes the improvement of these three chips.
China Telecom Group as the nations largest communications service providers has been the focus of concern to the industry StorageTek recently announced the appointment of Mr. Qian Jinlin as general manager of China. Mr. Qian in the IT industry for almost 20 years, has extensive management experience. After the arrival of Mr. Qian StorageTek in China will continue to strengthen the long-term professional reputation, the team leading the company to continue to provide our Chinese customers superior storage systems, solutions and professional services, and advanced information management, deepen the company and its customers StorageTek The strategic partnership.

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