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According to the plan, select the appropriate process in accordance with planning departments and the basis for knowledge management practices. To assess the short-term effects from the knowledge management planning, combined with the problems in the pilot corrected. The purpose of this stage is to assess the small-scale effects of knowledge management planning, and comprehensive best practice and exploration, reduce the risk. Focus of the pilot phase: from the culture, management, technical point of marching practice; from the knowledge of their own transport to do a pilot practice; tools used to build the initial knowledge management system; timely assessment of the pilot results and improvement methods. Difficulties: the choice of the pilot; practice to establish such as: communities of practice, mentoring, learning organizations and other means; knowledge management systems and business integration; time quantitative assessment of the implementation of results; the control of human factors, such as the ideological change, the interests of the redistribution.
Entry-level automotive applications in the automotive industry, a segment of the fastest growing markets. Freescales entry-level dual header Heibai segment display instrument for a variety of Freescale instrumentation and industrial control vehicle provided cost-effective control solutions for liquid crystal display, or 8-bit microcontroller series, the MC9S08LG32MCU. S08LG series meter applications, HVAC control, digital thermostats, household appliances and exercise equipment to provide cost-effective embedded control and user interface solutions. In addition, S08LG or a variety of devices ideal for automotive body control applications, such as entry-level car for emerging markets the combination of instruments. The solution there are two main advantages. First of all, offers a variety of flash memory device the size of the S08LG 5V power supply, LCD module power management and flexible configuration helps reduce overall power consumption; Second, the automotive-grade 8-bit MCU can provide excellent electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility. S08LG family is Freescales growing portfolio of automotive instrument team members MCU with on-chip LCD driver. S08LGMCU range of technical features include: rates of up to 40 MHz of the HCS08 CPU core

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