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Part No. : EP1K50FC256-3N
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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Expansion, ASUS P5E64 WS Evolution 4 DIMM memory slots on board support DDR3 1800/1600/1333/1066/800, ECC, non-ECC un-buffered, and other types of memory, 8GB maximum support capacity, to meet the high computing requirements; In addition, the board is equipped with four PCI-E x16 slot, one PCI-E x4 slot and 2 PCI2.2 slots and supports ATI crossfire Crossfire technologies; storage, ASUS P5E64 WS Evolution Support Intel ICH9R and two Ext SATA controller, which provides a 150MB / s or 300MB / s for SATA2 ports can be realized in Windows, RAID 0, 1, 10, 5; network, ASUS motherboard onboard Marvell 88E8056/88E8001 P5E64WSEvolution double Gigabit Ethernet. At the recent NEW YORK and NEC jointly organized a "Light the Passion NEC LCD trial activities", the trial activities, enrollment in more than 1,000 users, 15 users ultimately participated in the field trials, fully aware of the high-definition multimedia NEC LCD brings ultra-extreme pleasure. Trial activities, the scene also drew a lucky man, won the NEC 19-inch LCD monitor 190WX one. The editor contacted recently lucky friends, and the field interviews, her first words: "NEC LCD too cool, bright colors of the almost dazzling, ha ha."
"War Panther" the surface of the mouse class using the latest skin treatment technology, can play a non-slip, anti-sweat role, especially in the hot summer months, computer users often occur mouse "slip" phenomenon, the reason is very simple, it is Because the surface of the palm sweat and mouse problems caused by contact, so will cause them to use for some time, it will take a tissue to wipe the sweat palm and the mouse surface, with Maxim MOU-951 "war leopard" mouse, ll never have to worry about this problem happen again! And skin with a subtle sense of matte surface material, allowing users to actual use, reduce hand sweating caused by slippery phenomenon. In appearance, the United States and the heart of its symmetrical design approach science and technology to meet the different needs of consumers. In color matching, the war is Red and the Black Panther with silver and black with two colors look more prominent fashion feel this mouse. This mouse also features a 5 button design, next to the thumb with a unique two custom buttons, allowing users to use when the system easier to operate, while in the mouse tail is also printed on the beauty of fine Heart LOGO, very beautiful.

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