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In addition, because the United States, Western Europe has increased the crackdown, some spammers have been in the less developed countries and regions have set up camp. With the ISP hosting the developing countries more and more spammers, they are increasingly being included in the "blacklist." Only one ISP by providing national and regional e-mail service, the ISP into the "black list" will make the whole country to be isolated in the e-mail outside the world. In a few years ago, Costa Rica there have been such a situation, when the anti-spam organization Spamhaus made within 2 days of the country can not use e-mail service. Preliminary analysis of blocked, so I decided to use "scientific analysis to network analysis" tool to capture and analyze network packets transmitted, the network fault investigation. Here the author details the specific investigation process: in the center to do port mirroring configuration on the switch operation, and analysis received by this port on the laptop, start families to capture the analysis of network analysis system 5.0 data communication networks, about 2.5 minutes after the stop capture and analyze the captured packets.
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