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Part No. : EP1K10TI100-2
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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"EMC has been satisfied only as a professional storage hardware and storage management software vendor has. It would like to enter the broader field of data and information management. Of course, is a part of storage security." StorageIO founder and senior analyst Greg Schultz said: "To remain competitive, manufacturers must continue to expand its product line. Therefore, the traditional storage vendors outside of the storage system must increase the added value to the customer, of course, to be built on the premise of not missing the main industry in the next." In recent years, spending tens of billions of dollars through various mergers and acquisitions continue, EMC has step by step in the storage area formed their own powerful advantage. "In the past 10 to 15 years, EMC spent a huge amount, equivalent to many small countries GNP capital to make acquisitions," Schultz said: "If you see the speed of its growth then you would certainly think that it always works . "
SOLUTIONIX Korean professional optical three-dimensional scanner manufacturers in this area has a rich accumulation of technology, at present its products in Korea market share of 70%. It has come near monopoly status, and SOLUTIONIX the Rexcan III series of three-dimensional optical scanner has a range of advanced technologies are inseparable. Phase shift of the lens and the white double triangle technique, the unique angle of 10 degrees scanning technology, fully automatic stitching under the automatic data and wireless remote control technology, more secure optical scanning technology - the technology makes SOLUTIONIX product has a very three-dimensional scanner high accuracy, a wider scanning range, higher efficiency and other characteristics of products in three-dimensional scanner was unusual.

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