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Intels Sales and Marketing Vice President and Senior Technical Sales Manager Mr. Dai Rushi in the alliance set up the ceremony, said: "Intels mission is to keep the global IT industry with innovative power and long-term interests, and promote digital life implementation. With the Intel platform, the further implementation of the strategy, Intel will partner with the Chinese industry more closely in support of Chinas IT industry to achieve a sustainable capability of independent innovation, enhance industrial value. Intel platform application innovation alliance of the establishment, is Intels performance further manifestation of this mission. "
At the same time, the company, and PetroChina Company owned 106 units, more than 2,000 people were all over the country at the venue by 75 to change the system witnessed the meeting of this new way. When the speech from the branch in Lhasa, Tibet, the main venue of the warm applause. Ren Chuanjun at the meeting pointed out that the video conferencing system is a petroleum oil computer networks an important component of the second phase, information technology is an oil landmark projects, is currently Chinas largest enterprises with a video conferencing system. Its built on information technology to enhance and promote changes in corporate management has an important role. The main meeting room, seven large LCD screen to switch the country from all sides of the opening ceremony of the oil enterprises to participate in the picture. Although separated by thousands of miles, but it can feel the visual effect of face to face meeting, the participants personal experience to bring the magic of information technology. Undertake the project ZZNode Vision Technology Co., Ltd. is the U.S. distributor POLYCOM companies in China. The system uses two sets of Polycom MGC-100 company video multipoint control units and 78 sets of VS4000 video conferencing terminal rack.

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