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For the personal computer memory manufacturers, it is double celebration in 2004: the price of an existing memory prices, and the new, high-profit new memory also is preparing to market. Samsung, Micron, Elpida and other memory makers are stepping up production of DDR2 SDRAM, DDR memory, this more rapid can be listed is expected within weeks. Compared to the existing DDR, DDR2 addition to more power, the speed will be faster. DDR2 may be the next boom in the past two years, enabling manufacturers to achieve a profit. Memory market has always been known ups and downs, may decline in value of 75% within a few months, or the repeated price increases.
Microsoft Research Asia, and by the National Natural Science Foundation jointly organized the fourth "Calculation of the 21st century" large-scale international conference held in the Memorial Hall of Peking University hundred years, this General Assembly to "Trustworthy Computing" as the theme, the three bit, "Turing Award" winner - Dr. Yao Qizhi, Manuel Blum, PhD, and Dr. Jim Gray, the internationally renowned computer expert, and Microsoft senior vice president Rick. Dr. Lei Site and the president of Microsoft Research Asia, and chief scientist Dr. Zhang Yaqin and other topics in the General Assembly made a report. From major research institutions in Beijing more than a total of two thousand three hundred teachers and students actively participate in the event, on the future of computational science-depth exchanges and discussions. The event once again demonstrated the Microsoft Research Asia, "set up a bridge and foreign academic exchanges, to promote the development of Natural Science Foundation of China," the solemn commitment.

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