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Gartner Jianyi CIO to establish a formal mechanism, the establishment of virtual teams, selection of good staff to new ideas and innovation, in particular the concerns of consumers, the new Web 2.0 technologies and use these technologies to solve the problem. TDD system in the discussion taking into account FDD system, TDD / FDD mode in, LTE specification provides a commonality of technologies and standards. We also note the fundamental difference between TDD and FDD. The first is the demand for spectrum is different from the RF transceiver work in different ways. TDD equipment requires frequent receive switch, FDD is required to send and receive channel isolation duplex filter; TDD mode of distribution is the time interval, FDD band allocation model. Secondly, TDD and FDD in the uplink and downlink channels of different symmetry, future P2P applications will obviously feel the difference. Finally, the synchronization requirements of both systems are different. TDD and FDD system by comparing the differences, so that our future design of the key parameters in the system to the whole.
Google ranked first in this market, Microsoft is far from third. Thus, one possible concern is the location of interested people search advertising bid, in addition to Google, the few other options. Google does not set prices, but if there is only one place to advertise, advertisers will naturally use the higher prices to ensure their ad space. Q: Yahoo is clearly the country give it Google, bound into antitrust case, right? A: not sure yet. First, Yahoo may, by by the the co-operation, a large money interests, and the money can be put into the search, search advertising, display advertising and the cause of any company. Yahoo in the overall networking market, has been a result of Google and the loss of blood, strengthen the companys overall strength, the absolute help to maintain the financial health of Yahoo allow advertisers have more choices, and strengthen Yahoo in other areas such as display ads on Google competitiveness. Turner is expected that from now the next five years, there will be a lot more advanced technology is transplanted to the consumer market. For example, he believes that the future of the computer screen will be displayed through the eyepiece or through a keyboard projected onto the wall, the computers microphone will be the same as the shape of the ear. In addition Mike is more fitting earplugs. These are not impossible to achieve, at a recent fashion show in Korea, this wearable computer has been displayed.

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