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Billingsley said the business model is shared with third-party developers to profit. Service-oriented architecture includes a core set of services and a layer of streamlined APIs. eBox program also take advantage of eBays grid computing technology research laboratories. Google recently released Street View map search service was shocking, which contains many people want to keep secret the photos. Over the years, Google has been in storage each Web search activity, the subject of Gmail, so that it can send a high correlation to the user ads. This week, AMD Opteron several lower chip prices, for the introduction of new memory technologies and packaging technologies ready to work. Jane, a spokeswoman for AMD, said Opteron 200 and Opteron 800 series in a variety of chip prices much lower than last week. Opteron 200 series chips for 2-way server chip Opteron 800 series for 4-way servers.
MASS T200 2100 Dual Intel Xeon 533MHz server in the platform, the use of RAID technology and SATA combination to meet the hard disk interface rate, data security, data storage capacity requirements in three areas also have a SATA hard disk drives compared to SCSI the low price. In terms of performance, SATA technology is currently the standard is 150MB / S, higher than the mainstream IDE, 100MB / S, has been very close to the SCSI hard drive; in terms of hard drive capacity, SATA hard disk capacity as the mainstream 120G, while the capacity of existing mainstream IDE hard disk still in the 40G/80G, SCSI is also the current capacity of the mainstream only 36G. Priced products in the same configuration, SATA hard drives have a relatively greater capacity.

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