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Part No. : EP1C4F400C6
Description : Cyclone FPGA Family
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Page Number : 94
Manufacturer : Altera Corporation
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This paper describes the servlet and JavaServer Pages by using thin clients to integrate with MQSeries. This integration requires the user fill in HTML form, and from the collection of user data in the form of a message queue and then sends data to back-end applications. Then the back-end application will handle the form data and through the message queue sends back a response. The response needs to display in the browser. This article discusses the thin client, servlet, and the interaction between the message queue, and demonstrates how to use the solution in the provision of various IBM products. Readers should be aware of and familiar with the WebSphere and Java language MQSeries. Architecture Overview The following figure shows the proposed solution architecture. It involves three methods. public String orderUpdateStatus {String msgText = null; try {int openOptions = MQC.MQOO_INPUT_AS_Q_DEF | MQC.MQOO_OUTPUT; / / Spec
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