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Part No. : EP1C4F324I7N
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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Sama Mirage fighter aircraft model using the front panel of the sign at the top of the first horse with the brand logo. The computer runs, two blue light will be issued, played beautiful effect. Sama Mirage fighter with a transparent side panel design, suitable for MOD players to create a platform lights blazing. Interface design Mirage fighter front side of the chassis, as with most high-end chassis with two audio, two USB and one IEEE 1394 interface. Ma Mirage fighter first interior space is very spacious, and is still using the 1.0mm aluminum alloy top material, 100% corner curved design to avoid damage due to collision, the highest users to install security guarantees. Ma Mirage fighter first position with the side of the plug hard disk type, user-friendly installation. Hard disk can be installed in the "drawer" on the same shelf, loading and unloading easier. Rear of the chassis provides a wealth of expanded and provides a 12CM fan mute.

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