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Part No. : EP1C4F324C7N
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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Changsha in Hunan branch of PICC accepted filing the first floor window, the filing procedures required scanning ID cards, drivers license and other related documents; and Claim window, not only need to scan the insurance policy, claims and other original documents alone, the copy and replication of the document also requires a clear blue accurate scanning. GT-S50/S80 with strong compatibility, whether it is A4, B5, A5, A6 those commonly used paper size, or ID cards, embossed cards, business cards, this special medium, as long as the unit mass interval in the 50g to 130g per square rice paper, GT-S50/S80 all accept, even the irregular shape of the scan also generosity, with the document protected pages, scanning operation is also easy. Scan replication of the blue for the special needs of the documents, the staff simply EPSON SCAN, select the text in enhanced mode, and adjust the contrast and brightness settings, you can achieve the desired clear scans. At the same time, GT-S80 powerful text enhancements, while the enhanced text display, the same vivid and clear image scanning, to ensure the best graphic display. When the scan double-sided document, this feature also acts to eliminate the background, Quweicunzhen the miraculous.
T F-A65 is a unique joykey "Guo Zi" structure designed mini MP3 button player, body size of only 28.5 60 12.5mm, it is equipped with Kodak black and white low molecular weight luminescent OLED displays can be between -45 ] \ 80 ] work. Screen resolution of 128 64 pixels, using ABS plastic color panels, stainless steel, laser carving patterns drawing and dumb plastic shell bottom surface of the box cover. Tongfang T F-A65 using Sigmatel 3530 chip, can play MP3, WMA and other music formats, with FM radio function, support recording. The measured signal to noise ratio of up to 95db, and in line with the exclusive development of Tongfang original sound reproduction technologies, four anti-interference circuit PCB design. Edit Comment: Tongfang T F-A65 in a small camera body using the two-color panel design, with Sigmatel 3530 audio decoder chip, the integration of the exclusive development of original sound reproduction technology, for the simple concept of friends for life use.

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