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APC-MGE in the "2008 Fourth UPS and Power Supply system user satisfaction survey customer satisfaction survey activities" won the "user satisfaction", "customer satisfaction brand," the two awards. The event was officially launched on January 1, the theme of "green, innovation, efficiency, energy saving." 2007 to selected outstanding performance in this regard, the greatest contribution UPS related products and users trust worthy UPS brand. "UPS and the power supply system user satisfaction survey" "UPS Application" magazine and the China Computer Users Association, jointly organized by Beijing Electronics is to Chinas power industry must contribute to the development of enterprises, in order to promote the power industry healthy development of health, in order to understand the current UPS brand in the market users, distributors, resellers in mind the true value, in order to be selected by the users favorite brand of UPS. APC-MGE received this honor, but also proved its market share in the UPS and the brand position. I believe after the merger with Schneider APC, the UPS critical power and cooling areas and services, will achieve better development.
The current software industry in the world, the emergence of a dramatic scene: the head of the worldwide software vendor Microsoft, with its introduction of new products to the world: Windows Vista and Office 2007s release when the one hand, it wants its own product and open source software products, "interoperability", pushing its proprietary commercial software into open source architecture to mixed-source architecture to form a solution, expanding and open source software vendors, "alliance"; the other hand, is strict enforcement of The "anti-compatible" measures to the exclusion of its main competitors, "interoperable" list of outside partners.

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