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Part No. : EP1C20F324C6N
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Manufacturer : Electronic devices inc.
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I always feel very puzzled: Why Ubuntu Linux in a few short years become the most popular linux system. There are many other linux distributions, some of which more than 10 years, but Ubuntu was able in a short time become one of the most popular. Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth said Ubuntu has more than 800 million users, while other people say, "I believe that now has more than 800 million of the total number of Linux desktop users." Ubuntu is a Linux desktop, one of the best examples. In fact, they followed the "human Linux" slogan. Ubuntu has a good graphical installer, graphical desktop, easy to use menus, a rich library of applications and so on. Well, you say, other distributions can even provide a better 3D desktop application libraries richer, easier to use menus. I think Ubuntu is "the best user experience," the best example of Ubuntu that is designed for human beings.
Xiaotong said, cutting people to be careful. She asked every year according to the company, laid off some staff. Cut people before, she would often talk to people, educate them, "the only constant is change" concept, to help them set their own career life planning. Xiaotong proposed changes, such as huge layoffs in the company, the strategic adjustment of the first 3 to 6 months, HR staff should begin to "warm", to stress education and training, to give them psychological buffer. "For employees, the greatest danger that? Pressure." Xiaotong has done consulting seminars to Huawei. 10 pm, she took the file back to the company, walked into the office almost stepping on people. Looked down and lying on the floor packed with people. Originally, these employees work overtime late into the night, simply place to rest, wake up and can continue to work. "Huawei is the mattress and cultural advocates, in fact, more and more companies concerned about the pressure on staff in Human Resources Management."

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