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We can network information platform for Chinas border security needs at this stage are summarized as follows: First, the lack of network security system construction, urgently needed by reasonable means to deploy the appropriate security technology planning to establish a complete network security system. Second, the urgent need to establish network security monitoring and management tools and business applications, the correlation of security events can not change at this stage accurate positioning and analysis to the impact on the business of embarrassing situation, to achieve the safe operation of business systems and technical equipment and systems for safe operation The closely. Finally, to strengthen the security management system to run comprehensive quantitative assessment techniques; enhance the overall security situation and the details of a comprehensive security assessment capabilities.
As we all know, in September Chinas enterprise computing market to usher in lively scene ever - AMD will release its September 10 the most important product in four years - four-core server processor "Barcelona" and Intel tit for tat the Core-based Xeon 5365 server processor architecture and low-voltage version of the L5355 server processor out high-profile releases, but also decorated with the November release of the Penryn 45nm server processors. There is no doubt that technology and competition on the industry users, there is a positive incentive, and worth the wait. However, in the face of such competition, the two sides to explore the development of competition policy change is one thing more interesting. How to do? Intel adopted this strategy, on the one hand, Haifa, Israel Netburst team to continue to increase CPU pipeline length, claiming in 2005 to achieve 4 GHz or even 5GHz; on the one hand R & D Merom core, and through the development of new dielectric materials, new architecture and increase in the core Quxianjiuguo way. However, until 2005, Core architecture released before the Intel multi-core strategy will still deny that replace high frequency strategies.

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